The greatest adventure race that never was


Imagine the greatest, most intense adventure race of all time. Now multiply that by the excitement of hitting a half court shot, blindfolded, on one leg, for a million dollars. Now divide that by zero.

“Impossible!” you say. “No one can divide by zero!”

RunFree participants can. Dividing by zero is one of the first obstacles in the race (we start out with the easy ones).

RunFree is everything an adventure race should be. It’s pure, unadulterated machismo. It’s chest-thumpingly awesome. It’s the ultimate proof of who is better than who. Or whom. (Choosing the appropriate use of who and whom is another one of our obstacles).

Think you have what it takes to compete? Too bad. Registrations are closed for this year, sissy. But if you want to get an idea of what we’re all about, scroll down for more info. But do so at your own risk. People have been known to go blind from the awesomeness.



To see your pictures here, upload them to instagram with the hashtag #RunFreeRace!



To see your obstacles here, upload them to instagram with the hashtag #RunFreeObstacles!


Most race websites have a section where they post their “Finish Times”. And that’s the problem with most races. You can finish them.

RunFree, on the other hand, is never-ending. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a 24/7 race that only ends when you die.

If you reach the finish line at RunFree, you can be sure you’re at the wrong race.